Online lessons from April 2020

Lessons from 1st of April - Instructions on how to use the online platform
As a result of the Corona virus(Covid-19) outbreak, a significant number of parents have expressed concerns about tuition in a physical classroom. We appreciate, and agree with, their concerns. As a result, we have decided to transfer our tuition centre onto an on-line platform for the forseeable future.
Lessons from the 1st of April -
We will be moving to 'Pay as you go' sessions from the 1st of April. You will be able to register,  pay for and attend lessons you choose from our Lesson Schedule.
The following instructions will help you to use the platform.
For primary school children, we strongly recommend that a parent, or carer, sits with the child or checks on them often during the on-line session.
The on-line sessions will be live, interactive sessions.
We will invite you to the session via email - a link to the website will be provided in the email.
You will need the following equipment:
  • a computer or tablet
  • internet access
  • a free downloadable copy of the App
  • a microphone
  • a scanner (this is optional - see section marked 'Homework')
Although the tutorials can be accessed with a mobile phone, we do not recommend this as the screen will be too small.
While a tutorial is running, it is advisable to ensure that no other members of the household are using the internet. This will enable your child to have the maximum possible bandwidth.
The online tutorials can be accessed as follows:
Use the login details emailed to you on Monday, March 16th. Please note that the profile and password can only be used on one computer or tablet at a time. If another computer is used to log into the system, the first user will be logged off automatically.
An online class can be entered into 5 minutes before it is scheduled to start.
The classes will be live and interactive. We will use an electronic whiteboard to write on, which will be visible on your screen.
You will also be able to hear us in real-time.
Pupils will be able to ask questions by requesting to speak - they will do this by simply typing 'Q' into a text box and pressing ENTER. We will enable their microphone so they can ask a question - they will be heard by all the pupils in the online class.
Pupils will also have the ability to control the screen pointer to point to the text or diagrams on the board while speaking.
Pupils have the option to view the tutor in real-time. We will not be able to see the pupils or access their computers or tablets.
The on-line tuition platform
Once you have logged into the platform, click on the relevant course listed on the Home page. Choose the course you want, register and pay for it and you will be able to access the course. Live class details will be shown - click on the green button labelled 'Enter Now'
If you are using the platform for the first time, you will be required to download, and install, the Electa Live plugin: 'First Time Here? Please click download to get the Electa Live plugin.' Click on the blue 'download'. Once you have installed the plugin, you will be able to access classes online.