Submitting homework

Please check here regularly for changes in exsisting lessons or new sessions

Where to send the completed homework for marking -

DropBox Folder as follows -
Homeworks > Year Group > Your Child’s named folder ONLY
Please note Only Pammi, Sona and You have access to your child’s folder

Where to find the new homework-
Homeworks  > Year Group > 1_New Homework. Please note that Dropbox link for the homework is shared every week via registered email

Format of completed homework sent for marking -
All homework MUST be sent as ATTACHMENTS only either as a PDF or Image. Please do not send images in the body of the email as we will NOT mark it as it too time consuming to open and save
You can download an App on your mobile phone to scan the work and convert the images into a PDF

Please make single PDFs by subject as follows -
1 document only for the whole of the comprehension – send to us on Dropbox 1 document only for the creative writing task – send to us on Dropbox
1 document only for the English Skills homework – send to us on Dropbox
1 document only for the Grammar Book homework – send to us on Dropbox
A list of answers will be added online every week to enable parents to mark the Maths.
Verbal Reasoning to be marked by parents at home using the answers from their pack.

When to send the work – please note we will not be able to mark any work sent after the deadline
Lesson date                                      Homework Submission Deadline
Tuesday                                            Monday 11 a.m.
Friday/Saturday                                Thursday 2 p.m.

Return of marked homework
We will mark the submitted homework and return it back into your child’s Dropbox Folder.

Explanations for Questions
Full explanations - for questions set as homework - will be given in the class, as is the case now.
PLEASE REMEMBER - add your child's homework to the folder with THEIR NAME - Do not share it with us directly 

Weekly Online ‘Walk-in Clinics’
The purpose of these online clinics will be:
To explain questions for work set by parents or other tutors. These questions will need to be emailed to us as PDF attachments at least 24 hours before the clinic time. Questions will be answered on a first-come, first-serve basis (based on email receipt times).

These will be on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. The fee will be a fixed amount per session.