About 11+ Exam

Mock exams will be starting April 2019 up to, and including, August 2019..
We will be conducting a mix of:
Maths and English exams
CEM exams
GL Assessment-Style

    Please check our ‘Mock Exams Schedules’ page.
    Included In The Price:
  • In the case of the Maths and English Mocks, two full length papers will be set, each of which is one hour long. 
  • CEM exams will consist of two 45-minute papers.
  • GL Assessment-Style will consist of Maths and Verbal Reasoning multiple choice papers.
  • The English-Only exam will consist of a Comprehension section and Creative Writing.
  • Feedback is usually provided within 3-4 days (copies of the test papers are not released due to copyright but parents will be given a chance to see the marked papers of their child online).