About 11+ Exam - Our Mock Exams are starting Online from the 2nd of May 2021

Mock exams will be starting the 2nd of May 2021 up to, and including, September 2021..
We will be conducting a mix of:
Maths and English exams
GL Assessment-Style

    Please check our ‘Mock Exams Schedules’ page.
    Included In The Price:

  • In the case of the Maths and English Mocks, two full length papers will be set, each of which is one hour long.
  • GL Assessment-Style will consist of Maths and Verbal Reasoning multiple choice papers.
  • The English-Only exam will consist of a Comprehension section and Creative Writing - this will be Standard format. Some papers will be a combination of Comprehension and Grammar - this will be multiple choice.
  • Feedback is usually provided within 3-4 days (copies of the test papers are not released due to copyright but parents will be given a chance to see the marked papers of their child online).