11+ Exam Introduction - Mock Exams at The Latymer School, N9 9TN

11+ mock exams are a critical part of the preparation for most pupils.
Mock exams are important because:

  • Your child will benefit greatly from the experience of taking exams with other pupils, thereby reducing nerves and anxiety for the actual exam.
  • Parents will have the opportunity to gauge how well their child is prepared by reviewing the feedback reports 
  • Parents and pupils will have the opportunity to attend free,consultations to review the papers taken.
  • Both parents and pupils are given the chance to experience the logistics of attending an exam.

We will be holding practice exams for both private schools and state selective schools starting from the 23rd of April 2023
    Mocks will run on Sunday every week 
    Please call on 07922 045 314 for further details.

Reasons for choosing our 11+ Mock Exam Centre

  • Unlike other mock providers who just provide feedback, we give full explanations of Maths and Verbal Reasoning papers to children. Parents are offered the chance to view the papers online a few days later.
  • In 2018 (for 2019 September start), 40 of our students received 47 offers at a State Selective or top-tier Independent school, including:
  •     The Latymer School - 25 offers (on 1st March 2019). We expect this to rise to 29 offers over the coming months.          
  •     5 scholarships at top-tier Independent schools (including the Drapers scholarship at Bancroft's). 
  • In 2017 (for 2018 September start), 31 of our students received a place at a State Selective or top-tier Independent school
  •  In 2016 (for 2017 September start), 27 of our students  received a place at a State Selective or top-tier Independent school - in total our pupils received over 36 offers.
  • Every exam date will make use of different sets of papers - your child will be able to attend more than one exam.
  • Exams up to, and including August 2019, will be based on a variety of GL Assessments, CEM Style and Standard Format to prepare pupils for Grammar School entrance.
  • English exams (Standard Format Mocks) will contain a Creative writing task and a Comprehension.
  • All of our papers are prepared in-house by professional tutors with successful track records and several years 11+ teaching experience.
  • The papers will not have been seen by your child before the exam.
  • This is our tenth successive year of conducting mock exams.
  • All 11 plus mock tests are conducted under real exam conditions so as to give your child a similar experience to that experienced on the actual exam day.
  • Our papers are designed to closely mirror those set by the examining bodies; we do not subscribe to a one-paper-fits-all approach. Papers     differ significantly between schools – your child should sit mock exams which are very similar to those they will sit for their chosen school.
  • All of our papers are full length papers. This ensures that the composition of the paper isn’t distorted when compared to the actual papers. Your child will also be able to learn to pace themselves accordingly.
  • We guarantee that your child’s identity and results will remain strictly confidential.
  • Our mock tests are held in a safe and controlled environment – all health and safety regulations are complied with.
  • The results and feedback for your child’s mock test will be available within 3-4 working days after completion of the test. 
  • Free 11+ practice papers are available - please request these via our Contact Us page.