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Online lessons from April 2020


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Online Mock Exams 2020

Online Mock Exams for 2020..

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Secondary School Admissions for September 2021 entry

Secondary School Admissions for September 2021 entry..

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Online Tuition

We offer online, group tuition for pupils preparing for KS3-level and ..

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Online Tuition - information page

Please find below some information on how to use the online platform..

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Submitting homework

New Announcements will be published here..

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Booster Courses

Booster Courses for Creative writing and Maths..

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11+ Tuition

We prepare pupils for the 11+ exams from Year 2 onwards...

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Mock Exams for 2020

Mock Exams for 2020 for Secondary School admission..

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Here We Sell Some Quick Reference Guides And Papers for Students...

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11+ Exam Introduction - We are moving online

11+ mock exams are a critical part of the preparation for most pupils...

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Important Information for Exam

In order to help create a pleasant and professional examination enviro..

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About 11+ Exam - Our Mock Exams have been Online from 7th May 2020

The mock exams will consist of two papers - Maths and English. The En..

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11+ FAQs

11+ FAQs for Parents...

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This is for children starting secondary school in September 2019...


Please call 07922 045 314 for tuition for all year groups - year 3 to year 11 GCSE.

You can now build your own online Verbal Reasoning papers - we have 26 types of questions containing approximately 3000 questions. You access this function: 1) login to your greattutors.net account (2) select 'Online Tuition' followed by 'Online Tests' (3) On the panel on the left, select 'Mock Tests' followed by 'Create Test' You can build a paper with a maximum of 50 questions.

We are running online Booster Classes for both Maths and English for the 11 Plus Exams. Both classes are two hours long each. For Maths, two topics a week are covered in detail. Exam-standard questions are set on an electronic whiteboard during the live, interactive session and full explanations are provided. In the English class, we cover grammar, comprehensions and creative writing. Please contact us for further details.

We are pleased to announce that we are conducting 11 Plus (11+) Mock Exams online. Our 21st mock exam for this year will be held on September 27th 2020. There will be an online review of the mock test shortly afterwards on the same day - this is live and interactive. The Maths paper is explained in full and so are some Verbal Reasoning questions from each section. The English comprehension is also explained in a separate review.

All our tutorials are now online - they are live, interactive sessions. We use electronic whiteboards which pupils can see. Pupils can also hear the tutor and will be able to ask questions by using a text-box or by microphone. Homework will be set, marked and returned to pupils before the class. Classes are being run for pupils from Year 3 to Year 11 inclusive.


We've launched a Revision App for pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 - it's free to use for the first month. Its related website is: www.instaRev.co.uk. The App contains over 20,000 multiple-choice questions, covering 16 subjects for 2 countries.

Mock Exams Golden Offer- book any 3 Mock Exams for just £120. The normal cost is £165 for 3 Mocks, so you save £45.

In 2018 (for 2019 September start), 42 of our students received 49 offers at a State Selective or top-tier Independent school, including:     The Latymer School - 30 offers (on 08th July 2019). We expect this to rise to 32 offers over the coming weeks.               5 scholarships at top-tier Independent schools (including the prestigious Drapers scholarship at Bancroft's). 

Easter Holidays - 5 Day Maths Booster. Group sessions each 3 hours long - all the Maths topics needed for the 11Plus Exams for various Grammar and Independent Schools will be covered. Please call 07922 045 314 for further details